Tuesday, March 8, 2016

70 Degrees in March

The temperatures jumped into the 70's today, and the breeze blew, and the sun shone, and the yearling ewes forgot they were adults now.

When I sent Raven, the Border collie, into the pasture to gather them, the young ewes responded by bucking, splitting into three groups, head butting each other, leaping onto each other, dashing and darting about.

Meanwhile, the cats, Trick and Dewey Kitty, played their own games of chase, tag and tackle in the yard.

The critters didn't have to read a weather report to know that sunny, warm days in March are a rarity, that days of rain are on their way.

And so for a moment, I followed their lead, threw back my head and kicked up my heels. For the sun was shining, and the warm breeze blew, and spring is on its way.

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