Monday, March 14, 2016

Lamb TV

Lambs are born curious, ready to explore the world.

A 10-month-old cat, experiencing lambing season for the first time, is equally as curious.

When the cat, Little One, jumps into the lamb pen, the ewe eyes her, but doesn't move from her spot. She quietly watches as her 2-day-old ewe lamb walks up to the cat and buries her nose in Little One's coat. The lamb sniffs and nuzzles, then finally lifts her head.

The lamb's twin brother approaches the cat next and gives her a good sniff.

Both lambs watch as the cat drinks from the water bucket.

Then Mama Ewe decides the cat lesson is over for the day, She walks up to the cat and nudges her. When the cat doesn't move, the ewe gives her a head butt, steps back and watches the cat jump from the lamb pen.


  1. hey Beth, I have a 8 month old cat that looks almost like this one....His official name is Casey Jones but I call him Little One....unfortunately he has just started spraying in the house and I may have to get rid of you want twins?? He wouldn't mind being a barn cat....

  2. This is delightful. One of the best things about farm life is the pleasure that comes from seeing how species interact with each other. Yesterday I noticed two Canadian geese contentedly grazing alongside our goats. :)