Friday, March 4, 2016

The Geese Return

The Canada geese joined the bird chorus this week. Dozens and dozens are flying northward to their summer homes.

To my dismay, two stopped at the farm pond.

As I walked the Border collies in the morning, the duo swam to the center of the pond where they preened and swam circles around each other.

Honking geese interrupted their flirtations. Looking up, I spotted another pair flying toward the pond, chattering and honking.

The pair on the pond honked back.

I don't know goose talk, so I don't know what they were saying. I only know that the back-and-forth honking was loud and insistent.

"Oh, no you don't," I said, shaking my finger at the two flying overhead.

I didn't want the geese setting up house on the pond. For four geese lead to a dozen geese, which leads to dozens and dozens more.

The two must have understood people talk, or maybe they saw the three Border collies. They flew on to find another pond.

And to my delight, the pair on the water took off and joined them.

I smiled at my small victory in what is sure to become a long battle with the geese.

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