Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas on the Farm

The husband and I usually spend Christmas on the road -- traveling to relatives for Christmas gatherings.
This year, we stayed home.
The weather was ideal -- in the high 20s with calm winds and snow on the ground.
After opening presents and eating breakfast, I worked the Border collie on sheep. Then, the husband and I took our two Border Collies and the two foster Border Collies for a walk around the farm.
We couldn't have given the dogs a better Christmas present. They loved chasing each other, hunting for field mice in the clumps of grass, and rolling in the snow.
The Christmas puppy did his best to keep up with the the pack.
But by the time we arrived home, he was tired and ready for a nap in front of the wood-burning stove. I followed his lead. After selecting from one of the many Christmas books, I curled up in a chair by the fire.
Later, friends came over and we enjoyed a variety of stouts and snacks and good company. It was a peaceful Christmas.
PHOTO: This is Ripley, the new foster pup. He enjoys romping in the snow.

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