Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Pet-Proof Tree

If I wanted to love my pets during the holiday season, I could not have a traditional tree.
The dog could view some of those ornaments as chew toys. Dewey Kitty would see those ornaments as toys ripe for plucking.
Last year, we blocked the tree with a four-foot pen -- effective but not attractive.
This year, I opted for the natural tree. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I picked pine cones. After washing them and roasting them in the oven (to kill bugs), I sprayed them with glitter.
Then, after stringing lights around the tree, I tied the pine cones on with tan and red ribbons.
After a week, the cats have batted at the pine cones, but have only pulled off one cone. The dogs have left it alone.
It's a simple tree, but it seems quite comfortable in an old farmhouse.

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