Monday, January 10, 2011

The Good Mom, Lindsey and her Posse

Feed sheep twice a day and you learn their individual quirks and personality. The sheep are eating mostly hay now. So, morning and night, I carry of bale of hay to them. When I step into the sheep paddock with a bale of hay, I expect Lindsey, the nine-month-old bottle lamb, to await me. In the past few months, she's recruited two more ewe lambs -- a spotted one and a chocolate one -- to join her. They'll watch as I place hay in the three outside feeders, but they'll follow me back to the barn. When I place a few flakes of hay in the llama's feeder, they'll join the llama for breakfast or dinner. Good Mom, our oldest ewe, stays with the flock, but she always has an eye on me. When I throw scratch grain to the chickens, she investigates. She's always hopeful that I won't spread it evenly and drop some in a little pile for her. On some mornings, when she gives me her look, I drop a little for my soft-eyed ewe.

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