Friday, January 21, 2011

Icicles and Snow Caps

Icicles clung to the horses' coats when they came into the barn this morning.
It was 1 degree, and we'd received four inches of snow yesterday.
Many of the ewes were still wearing the snow from the day before.
I wanted to stop and gawk and be amazed at how well-insulated these animals are. The sheep were baaing and the horses were whinnying for their breakfast. In cold weather, insulation and woolly coats are nice, but they still need lots of calories to stay warm.
With temperatures expected to reach nine degrees today, they will all receive an extra feeding and extra hay today.
PHOTOS: By noon, many of the icicles melted or fell off, thanks to sunning, running and rolling.
The ewes eat their hay with gusto when temperatures fall below 20 degrees.

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