Monday, January 24, 2011

My Favorite Blankets

I love the polar fleece one I carry from room to room, the cotton one I use in spring and fall, the down one (more a comforter than a blanket) that provides pockets of warm air at night. I also love the blanket of snow that lightens and brightens the winter days. We've had 35 days where snow has been on the ground this winter. For an average winter in our part of Ohio, it's 23 days. Because snowfall has never been more than five inches, and drifting hasn't been too bad, that blanket of snow has made for easy living on the farm. There has been little mud and little waste of hay, as the sheep and horses eat most everything they're given. Frozen ground means the animals can wander the pastures instead of being cooped up in paddocks. And, on nights when there are clear skies and even a partial moon, it means I can wander the farm without a flashlight.

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