Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Haflingers and the Jolly Ball

Ripley the Foster Puppy plays with my first-ever Jolly ball.
Bought years ago when I had Quarter-type horses, the ball is now a remnant, faded purple and pockmarked.
The horses never cared for the ball. Scuba, my old mare, bit in once. Deciding it wasn't something to eat, she never touched it again.
The Quarter-type horses have now passed, and I have two Haflingers. I never offered them a Jolly ball.
I'm reconsidering.
My friend sent me photos of them at camp. Obviously the Jolly ball is a hit.
PHOTO: Jet playing with the Jolly ball.

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  1. Oh I remember those ball games at camp! I'm glad they are having fun at camp and don't miss their friends from back home too much!