Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rules of Sheep

As I sort sheep, I keep the Sheep Behavioral Rules in mind:
1. Sheep prefer going to light places rather than into dark places.
2. Sheep see people as predators.
3. Young sheep are unpredictable.
The sheep I want to keep, I put in one horse stall. The "for sale" sheep, I place in another.
When I carry the hay into the "keeper" stall, I assume the sheep will follow Rule #2.
Instead, a young ewe follows Rules 1 and 3. When the door opens, she launches herself toward the light. Head down and sailing through the air, she head butts me squarely in the chest.
As I sit on the hay bale, moments later, I am considering the Human Rules of Sheep Sorting.
1. My enthusiasm for sorting wanes when sheep launch themselves.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, it's a wonder they all didn't come charging out the stall, toward the light and tromping you in the process! Oh, I always heard, rules are ment to be broken..........