Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Training

February always provides a few sunny, warm days that make me believe spring is here. The grass plays along with the trickery and shows a bit of green. I fall for it every year, and jump into spring training. Yesterday, I hauled the Border collie to my instructor's farm for a lesson where we spent the first 15 minutes working on the dog's attitude. Unfortunately for me, that meant several sprints down the eight-acre field. Then, I went to the horse barn and trimmed the horses' bridle paths, as well as some of the facial and leg hairs. After a good currying, my husband and I loaded them into the trailer and we took them to my friend's barn. She has an indoor arena -- so I have no excuses for not working them every day. Last night, I was sore and smiling when I sat down to read the weather forecast. Snow, sleet, rain and temperatures in the teens are predicted for the week.

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  1. Laughing and laughing........ I know exactly what you are talking about! How well I remember getting the horses ready to start their spring training! We have all been feeling it, I was working in the yard and today I'm looking forward to something to keep me inside, so I can recover from my "spring training"!