Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photos from the Ice Storm-Part 1

This morning, I awoke to ice. Ice on the windows. Ice on the trees. Ice on the ground. Ice on top of the water buckets. The horses didn't seem to mind. I let them out into the "good" pasture -- the one that has grass underneath the snow and ice. Lily, background, and Jet were covered in ice this morning. They didnt' care. They were too busy digging for those blades of green underneath the snow and ice. A layer of ice stretched from the barn to the sheep's hay feeders. Strangely enough, a bale of hay provides balance. There were no worries about falling on my butt. The sheep pellets that now dot the ice provide no traction. No one told the dogs that ice was a problem. Caeli continues to stare at me, wondering when she gets to work the sheep. She says her toenails will provide traction. Ripley the Puppy wants to play ball. I directed Tag not to stand underneath the trees. With just a little breeze, they creak. I'm not looking forward to the winds picking up and another round of ice.

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