Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Afternoon Eyes

I was late getting home. As I walked from the garage to the house, I felt the eyes.

The familiar set of Border Collie eyes stared at me from the bathroom window. But on this day, they were joined by the hungry eyes of the caramel-colored cat. I was 90 minutes late for his dinner.

In the paddock were two sets of Haflinger eyes that were anxious to get to the pasture and scout out some grass.

In the young chicken yard, pullets and cockerels tilted their heads and gave me the one-eyed stare. Was I going to pluck dandelion greens for them today?

Debating sheep eyes peered at me from the side pasture. Should they trek to the front pasture or wait for me to open the gate to the lush five-acre field? The llama extended his head above the fence to observe me so that he could weigh in on that decision.

I hurried inside and changed into barn clothes. Feeding time would soften those eyes.

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