Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Kind Gesture?

The husband says he feels sorry for the ewes. "It's raining and they have no shelter."

I point to the horses who could go into the barn. Instead, they are grazing in the pasture. Their coats are soaked from the rain.

"They have a choice," he says.

When I saw heavy rains in the forecast, I brought the ram and ewes in from the far pasture. For the past several weeks, we've had two separate flocks of sheep: the ones used for breeding and the lambs and a few others that I'm using for herding practice. The lamb group I see several times a day. The ewes and ram group I see from a distance when I bring them a fresh bucket of water.

The other night, I got a close-up view of the ewes and ram. They've all been eating for three, or maybe four. Without a dog working them around the pastures, they haven't been getting enough exercise. In other words, they're fat.

They enjoyed the shelter for the night.

The next day, I took the Border collie to their pasture and worked them.

They said they don't mind the rain so much.

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