Thursday, November 17, 2011

Llama Lessons

When I moved Llambert the Llama into the unused ram pen, I didn't notice the water bucket.

Neither did he. Until he stepped in it.

Then, he refused to take one more step into the stall.

I put a rope around his neck.

He planted his feet and stretched his neck, and I learned how long a llama neck is.

With a horse, a turn of the neck is enough to force them to take a step to re-balance. A llama neck bends and contorts, and the feet stay planted.

I gave his rump a push. His 340-pound body didn't budge.

Sighing, I opened the horse stall door and put his grain in there. His neck swung around to sniff the grain, and the feet followed.

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  1. Laughing here, can see your picture clearly from your words. still laughing!