Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Power of Water

Years ago, when I was novice to animal husbandry, a friend taught me about the power of water.

Have a barking dog? A bucket of water will make them stop.

Have a Border collie showing an interest in cars? There's nothing like a bucket of water to dissuade her.

When the ram developed an interest in ramming, which rams are prone to do, I turned to the bucket of water.

This guy doesn't miss an opportunity to charge. So, I've made it a point to avoid going into his pen except to give him hay and water. When I enter the pen, I always have a bucket of water. If he charges, I toss it on him. After getting soaked a dozen times, he learned to give me my space.

But an open pasture changes things.

Being a kind-hearted person, I decided to bring the ewes and ram in from the pasture when I saw an approaching storm.

He challenged that decision.

As he approached me, I held out the bucket of water.

He gave me space as I walked backwards toward the barn.

Then, he charged the bucket.

We both got soaked.

He stood and licked his lips, pondering another charge.

I used my "don't-you-think-about-it" growl. That made him pause and bought me a few more steps.

He charged again and was rewarded with the last few drops of water.

By then, I was to the barn and safety. Though, I was wet and cold and counting the days until the end of breeding season and his trip to the butcher shop.

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  1. Would a cattle prod have any beneficial effect?