Friday, May 4, 2012

The Good Pet and Bad Pet Awards

On random days, I award the Good Pet and Bad Pet awards.

While I don't keep records, Lily the Haflinger, Caeli the Border Collie, and Dewey Kitty usually win the Bad Pet award.

Though sometimes, they engage a herdmate or packmate in their antics.

This week, the horses won the Bad Pet Award before breakfast for multiple deeds. First, one of them rubbed the top of the cock condo open, thus releasing the rooster and starting a cock fight. Then, to ensure a win, one popped the gate off of its hinges. I imagine it was Lily, but I was irritated enough that I named both of them winners.

Sometimes, the Good Pet and Bad Pet awards are given on the same day. Last week, Caeli and Mickey, the two Border collies, won the Bad Pet awards after rolling in raccoon poo. Tag, the Border collie, then won the Good Pet award when he didn't roll in anything. Yes, doing nothing often results in a Good Pet award.

Sometimes, I can't decide whether to give a Good Pet or Bad Pet award. When Dewey Kitty brought a bird to the back porch, I pondered what award to give him. Seeing it was a starling made the decision easy.

And sometimes, the Good Pet award is just about timing. When I came home from work and needed to unwind, Dewey Kitty climbed into my lap, purred and went to sleep.

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  1. Yesterday my Haflinger Camryn won "good pet" award for behaving wonderfully for spring Vet stuff. The cat who just showed up at our barn won "bad pet" for having stashed 5 kittens in the hay when she moved in! Of course she's staying now!