Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning Walks

As the daylight hours increase and the temperatures soar, I find myself among wildlife on my early morning treks.

The nocturnal ones are grabbing a few more bites to eat before the sun rises higher in the sky. Others are just seeking the coolness of the morning.

One morning, I encountered a pheasant cock and hen among the drying rows of hay. I didn't stop, and neither did they.

On a bike ride, I rounded a corner and saw a mama raccoon and her three little ones -- including one that instinctively arched his back and hissed.

When walking the dogs this morning, the three Border collies stopped, raised their heads, perked their ears and looked into the distance. Gazing back were three deer, heads raised, ears perked.

Moments later, the dogs lowered their heads and put their noses to the ground; the deer resumed grazing; and I continued onward taking in the smells of drying hay and already feeling the sweat beading on my neck.

We all had business to attend to before the temperature soared to 90 degrees again.

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