Thursday, August 30, 2012

A cat, a lamb, and a childhood memory

I peak into the sheep stall and see Trick the Cat sitting, tilting his neck, so the five-month-old lamb could give him a good nuzzle.

As the lamb nestles his nose into the cat fur, I think of spending nights at my grandma's house during my childhood. She had a blanket, trimmed in satin -- or some satin-like material. I fell asleep, sucking my thumb and rubbing the satin under my nose.

Does the cat's fur feel like satin? Is that why the lamb keeps rubbing his nose against the cat?

Or maybe the lamb nose feels like satin, and Trick takes comfort in that.

After a few minutes, Trick rolls onto his back and bats the lamb's nose. The lamb steps closer, and rubs his nose on the cat's belly.

Somehow, this 70-pound lamb that could step on the cat and this cat who could scratch the lamb's nose have worked out this morning routine that they both take comfort in.

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