Monday, January 20, 2014

Bottles Lambs at Ten Months

In 10 months, they've gone from just too cute...

just so adorable....

to teenagers....

to almost grown up...

to still occasionally cute....

to mostly obnoxious.

Yes, that is my knee in the photo... and that is a lamb chest. My dogs don't try to jump up on me, but the 100-pound bottle lambs do. The twin bottle lambs are 10 months old now, and not afraid of people, not afraid of dogs, not afraid of leaving the flock to explore the barn, not afraid of jumping on humans.

We haven't had lots of bottle lambs in the past, but until now, they've been singles. As they grew, they assimilated with the flock.

Not so with the twins.

Oh, they hang out with the flock, but they also are content to hang out with humans.

And, they aren't shy about demanding food or attention.

While photographing chickens for the blog, the dark-faced one jumps on my back.

"Not cute," I tell her, suddenly aware that while I understand how horse and dog mamas correct their young, I have no idea what sheep mamas do.

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