Monday, January 27, 2014

Haflingers and Snow

The Haflingers are reveling in a cold and snowy January.

Their ancestors came from the mountains of Austria and endured many a snowy winter. With heavy bodies and coats, these mares are equipped for the cold.

Except for feeding time, I don't keep them in stalls. Oh, they can stand in the stalls, but often I find them, butts to the wind, standing in the pastures.

When it snows, they wear a blanket of white. Jet thinks it looks good on her.

Lily was too busy digging through the snow for grass to notice it was snowing.

She says it's the best winter ever because she gets five flakes of hay daily instead of four.

It'd be even better if the camera was a treat.

They say living is easy in the winter months. It's so much better than the hot, humid and buggy days of July.


  1. My Hafy mare does the same. Despite the horrific winds and sub zero temps, she's out in the paddock working on her tan

  2. I no longer worry when they have icicles hanging from their coats. Happy girls!