Sunday, January 19, 2014

The January Hay Count

Some days, I see my sheep as the hungry caterpillars.

This weekend, I inventoried the hay supply. With more than three months to go until the sheep and horses can graze pastures, I want to make sure that I have enough hay to get through the winter.

I don't.

The amount of hay that I use each winter depends on several things: the number of sheep, the conditions of winter pastures, the quality of hay, and the coldness of winter.

Our sheep numbers were up, so the pasture condition was down; the hay wasn't as good; and it was -- and continues to be cold.

So, while we might have enough hay to make it through until spring, I decided to play it safe and ordered more hay.

I'm sure the sheep will munch through it.

(Trick the Cat has nothing to do with this story. He was just posing on the hay bales.)

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