Monday, January 6, 2014

Calling in the 35-Pound Power Tool

A winter storm was approaching, and I wanted to move the sheep into the barn.

Surely I could throw some alfalfa hay into the feeders and they'd go inside. Most did.

But Upheaded ewe stood in the doorway, looking suspicious. She was backed up by Neck Roll ewe and Huge, Red Stomping ewe. As soon as I stepped toward the door, they bolted outside and the rest of the ewes followed.

I shooed them back toward the stall door. All went in except for the Big Three.

Maybe if I walked away, the three would go in.

So, I stood watching from a several yards away, in the rain.

The Big Three stood watching me, from the shelter of the stall.

I walked away, and returned with my power tool: Mickey, the Border collie.

She stepped with me into the paddock.

"Come by," I said.

She was two steps into her arc when the Big Three turned their heads and walked into the stall.

"That'll do," I told Mickey as I closed the stall door.

She has enough class not to say: You called me out in the rain for that?


  1. A good dog...worth their weight in gold!

  2. Love your sheep/dog spot reporting!