Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Habit?

Once a day, I gather the four Border collies for their long walk.

On the best days, we take a loop down farm lanes, around the pond, and back.

When crossing the road, I put the dogs on leashes and they fall into order. Always Caeli and Mickey on the outsides and Tag and Raven in the middle. When crossing the road, Caeli always switches sides, causing Mickey to switch too. I've become rather adept at maneuvering the leashes.

The dogs love to roam the hay fields, searching for mice.

When we near the pond, Raven wades in. The others watch.

As we turn for home, Raven looks at me, and then, zoom, she races off, circling the pond as fast as her legs will take her.

I don't ask why she does this. Neither do the other three.

I just watch her circle and then we all amble home.

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