Thursday, June 5, 2014

On Ticks and Toads

After an unusually cold winter, I was expecting less bugs this spring.

The fly population seems down, but the tick population exploded. In most years, I rarely find ticks on the dogs or myself after our June walks. But this year, I've found them.

Tonight, I found one intent on attaching itself to Caeli's lower eyelid. Luckily, we spotted it in time--and the Border collie was the ideal patient, holding still while I, after several tries, grabbed the tick with the tweezers.

The dogs will get their tick treatment earlier than scheduled this month.

Meanwhile, I've been tip-toeing around the toads. They're in the grass, in the garden, hiding behind the geranium, in the mulch pile, in the barn, around the barn.

I welcome the insect-loving toads.

Though, they aren't telling me where they spent the winter.

Or if they eat ticks.

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