Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Border Collies' First Modeling Gig

Raven and Mickey had their first modeling gig today--and I discovered I'm not a good stage mom.

Oh yeah, I tried doing the endless brushing at six in the morning. But I found myself saying, "They won't see the mud stains on your belly."

I had no raincoats to put on them for their morning walk in the rain.

And, I couldn't see putting them on leash. But at least I kept Mickey from wandering into the muddy field.

I made an effort to dry them off afterwards, but I caught myself saying, "Just sit by the fan."

When I returned from feeding the sheep, horses and chickens, Mickey was indeed by the fan.

I brushed them again (much to Raven's annoyance) before taking them to suburbia where they were to look like happy dogs.

They wandered around the yard looking for rabbits and sheep poo and finding none.

But, when it was their turn to model, they went to work.

"Lie down," I told them, following up with a stay.

The photographer circled them, taking happy-dogs-on-lawn shots. Then Mickey stood while a human model applied pretend-repellent on her.

And like that, they were done.

No sheep. No running. Just a few stays. And a few treats.

Better than a day in the kennel, but not real work for them.

"We'll work sheep tonight," I promised.

And we'll run through the mud, and you'll roll in the grass, and you'll nibble some poo. And you won't have to look pretty again until....

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