Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yet Another Herding Hazard

This morning I was focusing on Raven as she gathered the sheep and moved them from one pasture to the one where I was standing.

I gave her a down command and then a right flank.

Then pow! I had sharp pain in my left buttock.

Spinning around, I looked down at a 10-pound Buckeye rooster.

And, I forgot about the sheep, and about Raven -- and even forgot to tell her to cover her young ears.

The rooster lowered his head and puffed out his neck feathers.

I reached back three decades to those soccer skills I learned in high school.

After a few spurs from him and a few well placed kicks from me, he opted to rejoin his flock of hens.

And I asked Raven to gather the flock of sheep -- there was no gathering my dignity -- and proceeded with training.

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