Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lily and the Sheep

I think Lily is in love with the sheep. If not in love, maybe attached.
If asked, she wouldn't admit it. She's too proud a pony for that. She wouldn't sink so low as to care about those fuzzy creatures that are so close to the ground.
But, she let her guard down yesterday, and I saw, not once, but twice.
Our pastures are set up in a u-shape around the house. From her paddock she can see all of the pastures except the one in front of the house.
That's where the sheep were grazing yesterday morning when she was pacing the paddock and calling and calling. She has become used to having the sheep around, and she wanted them back.
I suspect she finds comfort in having other herd animals around.
That was the case last evening at dusk when the main flock of sheep were back at the barn, but the Five Virgins and Lily were still on pasture.
Earlier this week, I'd separated the five yearling sheep so that I could use them for herding practice. When separated from the flock, the five sheep live with Lily -- sharing pastures and water buckets.
Lily has never been a brave horse. At dusk, she doesn't want to be out in the pasture alone. Apparently, she had herded the Five Virgins to pasture, and then blocked the gate back to the barn.
So, when I found them, she was grazing contentedly, and the Five Virgins wanted desparately to return to the barn.
Once, I put a halter on Lily and started walking back to the barn, the sheep also raced to the barn.
"You, my dear," I said, scratching the pony's withers, "are a funny, funny girl."


  1. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。........................................

  2. She wants a companion, Beth! What are you doing about that?