Monday, August 9, 2010

Mandy the Foster Dog

When Mandy came into the rescue program, we could only say, "Poor Dog."
She'd ended up in a shelter, matted and about 25 pounds overweight. She weighed 67 pounds and was as tall as our 37-pound Tag.She huffed and puffed as she walked, and clearly looked miserable.
That was a month ago. Now, she's still a tubby-butt, but she's losing weight and feeling better.
She's been eating two-thirds of a cup of diet kibble morning and night. On her lucky days, she gets fresh green beans. And, I've been taking her on the morning strolls around the hayfields and pastures.
At first, she only walked. But lately, she's been romping, and rolling, and chasing the other Border collies. She can't keep up with them, and she still lacks stamina.
But we're now calling her The Happy Dog.

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