Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sharing the Harvest

A few days after the rains, I peaked underneath the leaves in the garden. I found beans, tomatoes and plump cucumbers and squash.

I also found a few over-ripe cantaloupe that I should have harvested days ago. To the delight of the chickens, I smashed those in the chicken yards. They clucked about the addition of fresh fruit to their diet of bugs, corn. leaves and seeds.

The one perfect cantaloupe, ripe and ready for eating, I sat aside with the other produce.

But apparently humans and chickens aren't the only ones who like cantaloupe.

As I was bringing the horses in from the pasture, a Border collie (none of the three are fessing up) found the cantaloupe and engaged in an evening snack.

The dog, though, was kind enough to leave me half.... that I tossed to the chickens.

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