Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Chicks Grow Up

While stringing electric fence in the horse paddock last weekend, the spouse bent a piece of wire mesh fencing back in place.

About three minutes later, the squawking began.

The chicks could easily slip through the fence from the sheep paddock to the horse paddock. Now that the spouse "fixed" the fence, the hens could not follow the chicks to the horse paddock.

The squawking ensued.

Putting down my fencing tools, I "unfixed" the fence and the hens joined the chicks.

Although the chicks have feathers, they are still vulnerable to cats and hawks... mostly hawks. The cats decided weeks ago that there was easier prey.

To protect themselves from hawks, the hens and chicks nest in the weeds during the day. This hen is not happy that I want to photograph the nest.

At night and at nap time, the chicks sleep with the hens.

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