Friday, October 12, 2012

Naming Sheep

     "Do you name your sheep?" the USDA vet asked during her visit to the farm for the annual inspection. She'd been at a farm earlier this month where every ewe and ram was named.

    "Not any more," I said. For the first few years, we did. Then, the numbers grew.

Then, I went into the stall and began reading ear tag numbers.

And I read the number for:

The Red Ewe

Stomper Mom

The Broken Legged Ewe

The Bob Marley Ewe

The Neck Roll Ewe

The Up-headed Ewe

Good Mom

The Blood Spot Ewe.

The Survivor Ewe.

PHOTOS: The top photo shows Hershey, front and center. She's an older ewe who was named when we still gave the lambs named.

The bottom photo, far right, shows the Bob Marley Ewe, who sheds in dreadlocks.

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