Sunday, October 7, 2012

What Dogs Decide

As I cleaned the barn and worked in the garden, I let the dogs outside to do as they please.

Mickey and Tag sniffed and nibbled on manure.

Caeli continued her quest to catch that mole that lives at least two feet underground.

All rolled -- in the grass, manure, sand.

Caeli and Tag played tug and chase, until Tag was so tired, he dozed in the sun.

Mickey found the hole in the horse paddock fence, and wiggled her way into the sheep paddock.

Judging by the squawking and feather hanging from Caeli's mouth, Caeli found the wayward hen and attempted to herd it.

By late afternoon, we all were tired and retreated to the porch where we soaked in the rays and the dogs slept, sighed and smiled.

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