Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sharing or Spreading the Blame

When I brought the horses in from the front field this afternoon, I thought they'd doze in the paddock.

I was wrong.

Was it a butt scratch against the stall door? Or was it an active attempt to dislodge the latch? I don't know.

But when I went out to feed this evening, I found an open door to the extra stall - the one we use to store 30 bales of hay. Both horses were standing outside the stall door. Each had a bale of hay in front of them. Neither looked guilty.

Even though I didn't witness the caper, I blame Lily, the busy body.

Some may say that she pulled two bales out, one for her and one to share with Jet.

Some may say that she was sharing the blame.

I suspect she was systematically going through the hay stall bale by bale until she found that bale with a little extra alfalfa.

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