Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Alpha Dog vs. the Alpha Cat

Caeli, the Border collie, walks into the living room and sees Dewey Kitty sleeping on her chair.

She trots to the couch.

Upon seeing Caeli on her couch, Mickey, the Border collie, glances at me before jumping next to me in the snuggler.

Tag, the Border collie, gets a worried look in his eyes. Mickey is in his snuggler.

Caeli, seeing Mickey getting attention, jumps from the couch to the snuggler.

Mickey leaps onto the couch and settles in for the evening.

Caeli, never much into snuggling, jumps from the snuggler and walks over to her chair.

Tag jumps on the snuggler.

Caeli noses Dewey Kitty.

The cat refuses to move.

Caeli paces, then jumps into the chair.

Realizing there is not enough room, she steps down from the chair.

She paces some more.

Again, she jumps into the chair, partially sits on Dewey Kitty, then lies down.

She is not comfortable.

Finally, I intercede.

I remove Dewey Kitty from the chair and put him on the arm of the snuggler. Caeli sits in her chair. Tag snuggles in the snuggler. Mickey sleeps on the couch.

Finally, I'm able to read my book.


  1. And you wonder why my reading speed has slowed down so much!

  2. Wonderful. (I can identify, sorta. Our pet interactions are dynamic, but more simple: Jake the dog enters the living room. Simone the cat protests from the other room. Protesting not immediate proximity, but the fact that Jake lives here, or exists at all.)