Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pretty in Brown

"They were out of brown," my  husband said when I opened the box containing the fleece-lined, sweatshirt jacket. "All they had left were pink and purple. I figured the purple was the least offensive."

"I'll check the Greenville TSC," I said.

Unless ordering from a catalog, farm clothes come from TSC. But not all Tractor Supply Company stores are equal. Those near populated areas are small. Those in rural areas are usually twice the size. If a brown sweatshirt was to be found, it'd be at the Greenville TSC.

When I entered the Greenville TSC, I found the sweatshirts hanging on a round rack. Of the dozens of sweatshirts, most were pink and purple. Five were brown. I found the only medium one and grabbed it.

On the way to the register, I walked by the women's coveralls. Again, lots of pinks and purples, and a few browns and tans.

Don't clothing designers realize that few things on the farm are pink? That the blood, manure, mud, grass stains, snot, hay chaff, and dirt, blend much better with the brown?

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