Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trimming the Yaks

The hair got to me today.

The Haflingers have this amazing ability to grow more than an inch of hair a month.

So, every morning, I was greeted by the mohawks.

(Jet, pictured above, and Lily, below)

The girls look like they're ready for an Arctic winter.

"At least you can be pretty when you greet the snow," I tell them as I cut, cut, cut and watch mane hair, ear tufts and chin hair fall to the ground.


  1. Pretty, pretty girls. My mare wasn't gifted with the long mane gene.

  2. Real cute! I love me some Hayflinger.

    Mitch is supposedly gifted in the long mane department. But he's also gifted in the "Da-hur, watch me leeeeeean through the fence and gobble grass" way.

    Jet on the other hand seems less likely to want to do that, but she's got fly issues and sheds her mane at the slightest sight of a fly. I wonder if it's a Morgan/Quarter Horse thing.

  3. Lily is gifted in the long mane department... and in the lean on the fence, lean on the doors, gobble anything and everything department. I suppose that's why she has to have a pretty mane. :-)