Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't like the temp? Go to another room!

The great thing about a wood-burning stove is there is a warm, toasty spot in the house. The downside is that it doesn't distribute the heat evenly like the furnace.

On a January day, when the wind was blowing from the west and the furnace was not in use, I measured room temperatures.

My upstairs office - 61 degrees. Not bad for a room that has three outside walls. It sits above the downstairs room that houses the wood-burning stove.

Upstairs bedroom - 61 degrees. On the east side of the house.

The spouse's upstairs den - 65 degrees. Has two outside walls -- a south and west one. Also has a space heater.

Downstairs interior hallway -- 64 degrees.

Downstairs bathroom -- 59 degrees. Has west exterior wall and is farthest from the wood-burning stove.

The recliner in the living room (with the wood-burning stove) - 67 degrees.

Guess where I spend my winter evenings?

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