Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sun and snow baths

 I let the horses out into the pasture this morning, and they rolled and rolled and rolled.

 Snow-covered ground means the horses are clean -- or as clean as they can be when wearing heavy coats all the time. I'm sure that if I patted them, they'd emit clouds of dust. So instead of patting, I watch.

 They offer quite the show. Frozen ground means they get to spend all day, every day on the pastures.

Jet, the more athletic of the two, likes to run flat-out.

Lily doesn't miss a chance to show off her Barbie-mane.

Daytime temperatures are expected to climb above freezing this week. That means the snow will melt away, and we'll return to limited pasture time and muddy horses. But for today, we enjoyed the snow and sun.

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