Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Jolly Ball is Not a Rain Gauge

If the water sitting in the half-chewed Jolly Ball comes up just past the second joint of my index finger, how much rain did we get?

The puddle in the road in front of our farm told us that it had rained while we were gone, and the few puddles in the horse paddock told us it had been more than a quarter-inch.

But the exact amount, I didn't know.

Our rain gauge broke last fall when we had a cold rain followed by freezing temperatures. I never got around to replacing it.

Instead, I just guessed the amount of rain we received by the water standing in the hay tub or a bucket ... or Caeli's half-chewed Jolly Ball.

As I'm holding the Jolly Ball with the rainwater inside, and trying to think back to geometry class so many years ago, and trying to figure out how to accommodate for the ragged opening on top, I realize it's time to break down and add a rain gauge to today's TSC shopping list.

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