Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Second Sin of Summer

The plastic tag said Black Pearl.

But instead of sweet, little cherry tomatoes like these (a volunteer):

 I got this:

These are the worst type of tomatoes -- too big for popping in my mouth and too small for slicing or canning.

But the plant is prolific.

And, so every day, I pick up dozens of tomatoes,

 and offer them to the chickens.

Who are hoping for corn cobs, apple peels and melon rinds.

Most are still eating the tomatoes. But a few are glaring at me.

And I am glaring at the tomato plant that is producing tomatoes that I don't like.

So I do the unthinkable.

I pull up a tomato plant that is in its prime, and offer it to the ram.

I'm sure that sin ranks right up there with killing a mockingbird.


  1. Um... wow. Surely they weren't the wrong size for slicing in half, sprinkling with Balsamic and eating with some pungent cheese and crisp crackers? (my fave way to eat tomatoes) I guess, for me, there *is* no wrong sized tomato.
    All the green tomatoes didn't give him, uh... loose bowels lol?

  2. Oh, I have a few bushels of heirloom, paste and Black Pearl cherry tomatoes. I'm at that point in summer where I'm canning and freezing and eating tomatoes ....