Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Buckeyes at Thirteen (weeks)

I want to say, "Have you seen those feet? They're so big, the birds are almost tripping over them."

But I don't say that, at least not near the chicken yard. I don't want to give the pullets and cockerels a complex.

The young chickens are about 13 weeks old now -- and in their gangly stage.

Their feet are too big for their bodies, and they're adult feathers are still growing. A few are attempting to crow. When I hear their croaking attempts, I smile to myself.

I enjoy this awkward stage, when they are eager to explore the world, to peck my fingers, and my shoes, and my pants, and anything else that might move.

They've been outside exploring for the past few weeks now, and are learning about their new world.

They've discovered that Trick the Cat means them no harm when he walks among them, lies down and stretches. And they've learned that people equal food. They now coming running when I walk to the fence.

Soon, they will run in bodies that have caught up with those feet.

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