Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Unicorn Ram Lamb

I now have a not-so-rare unicorn ram.

A few days ago, I came into the barn and found a ram lamb with a red blaze down the center of his face. He also had blood running over his eyelid and down his neck.

And, after years of living with animals who have found all kinds of ways to injure themselves, I just sighed.

He'd probably hooked the horn in the fence and panicked.

When a sheep looses a horn, there is a lot of blood. But there's not a lot that I can do, other than wash the area and apply some fly repellent ointment. Then I try to keep him quiet and calm for a few days while it heals.

And heal it does.

I just hope he's not bothered by being lopsided.

NOTE TO READERS: If you would like to see the photo of the bloody-faced ram lamb, email me.

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