Monday, August 26, 2013

What Every Dog Should Know

Cute can only get a dog so far in this world.

I recently received a request to foster a Border collie for an owner who is having surgery, and I was reminded how situations change and how often dog owners must find a permanent or temporary home for their dog.

Before I will consider fostering a dog, it must pass two tests: it must get along with other dogs (because I have a pack) and it must get along with cats (because I have come to realize that cats rule my world).

But then I got to thinking. As a dog owner, what skills should I teach my dog? Below is my list.

1. How to get along with other dogs (and cats).
2. Housebroken.
3. How to settle in a crate.
4. How to walk nicely on leash.
5. How to greet people properly.
6. How to come when called.
7. How to take food gently from my fingers.
Bonus: At least one trick.

What would make your Top 7 list?


  1. That's an excellent list! And, boy, do I wish more dog owners had mastered them all with their dog. Just got home from the dog park where there were multiple fights, all instigated by one woman's dog, and she ended up yelling at the rest of us that we were crappy dog owners. Then she left (without a leash) dragging her dog by the collar to her car. Oy. My dog does all those except come when called is she's really excited. So we better work on that.

  2. I can check all those off as done. Gotta conqure the don't bark back at new neighbors barking dogs. Oh, and don't eat dog poo is a huge one

  3. The dog social one is a toughie if the dog hasn't been socialized as a young dog. I have one BC that wasn't dog or people socialized at a young age. After lots of training, the best I can do is manage her.

    As for eating dog poo.. there is the "leave it" command... And of course -- the no doggie kisses.

  4. Now I know for sure that you are "a crazy cat lady" & dog & sheep & etc. Most everything would better in a cat ruled world.

  5. Shhh... don't tell the dogs.

    Funny you should say that... tomorrow's blog is dedicated to a cat.