Friday, December 21, 2012

First Day of Winter

Signs that winter is finally here:

Horse water heaters plugged in (love that initial burning smell)

Long underwear pulled from storage.

Muck boots in the front-and-center location.

Winter gloves and wool socks lined in front of the wood-burning stove.

A cat that is no longer insisting on going outside.


(Yes... that is a snow drift in the yard. We didn't get much snow, but the wind has been gusting all day and building a little snow mountain for Christmas.)


  1. Looks much worse in your part of the world! Blowing and snowing here too. I still have to go looking for porch pillows that I forgot to move inside! Throw another log on the fire and enjoy this first day of winter.

  2. We didn't get much snow, but did get lots of winds. In most areas the ground is barely covered. Yes, I've been throwing logs on the fire all day!

  3. Wow...electric water heaters. Wish we had those when I had to head to the barn to crack the ice for the sheep as a kid! Enjoy the snow -- it's 41 here!

  4. I, too, have memories of breaking ice from horse buckets as a kid... Thus water heaters for the sheep and horses... As for the chicken waterers, I just have lots of them and bring them inside to thaw out.