Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Babysitters

When I walk toward the pasture, I notice one ewe surrounded by nine lambs.
How did she end up with half of the lambs? Did the ewes get together and decide she was in charge of babysitting this evening? Or, was she the gracious ewe who offered to watch the lambs so the others could have a break? Or, do the lambs think she's the cool mom, and they all want to hang out with her?
The lambs are at the tween stage, where they like to venture out and be on their own, but also want their mom nearby if they get scared or hungry.
Some lambs are inattentive and don't notice when their moms and most of the flock venture out to pasture. Some, like the black and white ram lamb in the photo, are more independent and quite content to have some living creature around.
Or maybe the little lamb thinks Llambert the Llama is his daddy.


  1. Looks like Llambert is keeping an eye on YOU! He is taking his role as protector seriously! I remember watching calves do the same thing with one cow watching out for them all. Interesting isn't it?