Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hunting for Ear Plugs

Top Prey of Trick, the Outdoor Cat:
1. Rabbits
2. Sparrows
3. Mice
4. Caeli, the Border Collie
5. Humans
6. Lambs
(Thankfully, he doesn't try to kill the last three on the list.)
Top Prey of Dewey, the Indoor Cat:
1. Lamb bottle nipples
2. Ear Plugs
3. Flies
4. Milk carton caps
5. Louie, the other kitty
Both cats take their job seriously.
I have to give Dewey credit for his speed and his ability to spot his prey. When I opened the door to a forbidden room the other day, the cat darted in, immediately spotted a wayward ear plug near the laundry basket, snatched it and hustled off.
The ear plug didn't squeak.
I did.

1 comment:

  1. When did you add Louie??? I'm glad Dewey has a rhyming friend. Any chance Trick would just saunter past our backyard a few times and leave some fear in his tracks. We have way too many chipmunks, whose favorite food seems to our the wires on our air conditioner.