Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weaning Time

When do you wean a lamb? The sheep business book says at 30 days because lamb formula is expensive. The sheep husbandry book says at 60 days because that's when the lamb should be able to thrive on its own. My practical self says when we run out of lamb formula. And that's where we've run into problems this year. Usually an eight-pound bag of lamb formula lasts about 30 days. So, by the time we're finishing up the second bag, the lamb is around 60 days. But this year, we didn't start the baby lamb on formula until she was 10 days old. And this year, I paid more attention to the Great Deal! On Sale! signs than I did the weight signs when I ordered formula. Imagine my surprise when a 25-pound bag of formula arrived. How big is a 25-pound bag of formula? Think bigger than the big bag of catfood. Think big enough to take up a shelf in the freezer. Lindsey the Milkaholic was being fed 5-6 times a day, then it was cut back to five times, then four, and now three. Today, we begin twice a day feedings, and next week I begin diluting the formula, so that soon I'll be offering her water. Shortly after that, the bottle will be in her past. The leftover formula will remain in the freezer, ready for next lambing season.

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